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Corporate Training Manual Printing

One of the best features about Wiro Binding is that it allows your document to lay flat when it is open and you can also turn the covers and pages around a full 360 degrees. Wiro, also known as Twin Loop Wire and Ring Wire Binding is a widely used Book Binding method where punched pages are inserted onto a "C" shaped Wire, which is squeezed by a wire closer until the spine is round. The Front covers have a protective Clear Acetate, while the back is covered by a Black Board Backing. This is suitable for those documents needing to last for weeks, months and years.

Ideal when you have a Large amount of pages and when you need your book to have a hard Flat Finished end, like a Magazine or Paperback. This type of binding is the expensive if you only have a small run of books. Our minimum is 50 booklets otherwise a set up fee will apply.


We offer an All In One Solution, along with Excellent Service and Lowest Digital Printing Prices Australia Wide on all Short Run Printing for Booklet Printing, Catalogue Printing, Magazine and Annual Report Books.

We make it easy by guiding you with suitable finishes and solutions to ensure you get the most our of your printed material.

85% of our customers are companies that Print Short Runs of Booklets. From Short Run Booklet Printing, Catalogue Printing, Magazine Printing or even Annual Report Books this is our specialty; We can assist you with the correct stock required according to the amount of pages you have, advising you one front and back covers and finishes such as Saddle Stitching or Perfect Binding. We are here to help!