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Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing has been proven to increase response rates! One-to-one marketing is also known as variable data printing (VDP) and is a form of printing in which unique data (text, graphic elements or images) is printed on each piece. When achieved through digital printing (as opposed to offset printing), variable data printing VDP is significantly more eco-friendly. The process is similar, but shorter print runs are needed; resulting in less energy used and reduction of waste.

Not only is variable data printing VDP one of the most effective methods to use when implementing any direct mail or promotional campaign, it is also regularly used in wedding stationery and invite printing. Customizing each print with personalised data adds a special touch to an otherwise generic piece.

One-to-one marketing has been proven to increase response rates. Over the past 8 years, various international sources have reported that the returns of variable print vary from double to 10-15 times the rate of generic pieces ? pretty impressive.